Range Rover Evoque Features and Design

Range Rover Evoque Features and Design

Its All About Quality and Innovation. Here is a summary of some of the Evoque models available. Keep checking back for new model updates!

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic

Available in coupé or 5-door body styles, this is a version of the Evoque with a 285PS 2.0-litre petrol engine, revised chassis for sharper handling, 350mm front brake discs, Land Rover InControl Apps, forged 20-inch alloy wheels, exterior trim in Santorini black, new design of grille, lower front valance, new foglight surrounds 'Autobiography' illuminated tread plates, ingot badging on the tailgate and front wing vents, darkened headlights, clear tail lamps, Santorini black contrast roof, body-colour side trim visually lowers the vehicle a dynamic plus leather interior with either sports or premium climate seats in a range of four colours, Autobiography embossed logo at front seats, dashboard with dark brushed aluminium trim, Active driveline, torque vectoring by braking..

Range Rover Evoque Pearl Noir Edition

Pearl Noir Special Edition is a version of Range Rover Evoque for Hong Kong market, with 2-litre Si4 (240PS) engine, ZF 9-speed automatic transmission, 8-inch touch screen, Meridian audio system, leather interior upholstery, Panoramic roof, 20-inch Style 9 alloy wheels in matte black, Xenon headlamps with black lamp shade, black exhaust tip, black rear diffuser, black interior, gold body colour.

Range Rover Evoque Lease Range Rover Evoque Lease
Range Rover Evoque Lease

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible HSE. Based on the three-door Evoque Coupé, it included four seats, a power-retractable soft top roof, 21-inch wheels. The Evoque's hatchback has been replaced with a drop-down tailgate. Land Rover has stated that: "The new convertible body has been achieved with minimum changes to weight and torsional rigidity. Land Rover has also stated that the Convertible Concept is as off-road ready as the regular Evoque.

With Range Rover's Intelligent Park Assist, you can guide into that tight parking spot quickly, easily and safely with the help of multiple cameras and sensors.

Lease the Range Rover Evoque for Great Convenience and Storage

The vehicle was unveiled in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show.After debuting as the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept, the production version was revealed in November 2015, while the model years start from 2017.

Range Rover Evoque Lease

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Why Lease a Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque Lease

Personal car leasing has become increasingly popular in the UK, yet many drivers who could benefit from leasing their Range Rover Evoque are still taking out car loans, hire purchase (HP) or personal contract purchase (PCP) agreements to acquire their vehicle. When buying a new Range Rover Evoque, either outright or through loan repayments, your brand new car is already depreciating in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. By leasing a Range Rover Evoque, you pay a monthly amount to use that car over a set period of time (typically 24 or 36 months) and at the end of the agreement, the car is taken back by the leasing company.

Benefits of Leasing a Range Rover Evoque

  • Range Rover Evoque monthly repayments will usually be less costly than the repayments on a car loan. Also, in the majority of lease agreements, only a small deposit is necessary, often amounting to just three monthly payments.
  • One of the biggest attractions of car leasing is that you are able to drive away in a Range Rover Evoque that might otherwise be out of your price range if you were to buy it outright.
  • The car manufacturer warranty will normally cover the period of the lease and maintenance costs can be covered.
  • Road tax is also usually included in the lease or your Range Rover Evoque.
  • Fixed-price motoring where most costs remain the same for the period of the lease.
  • You can drive a brand new car every two to four years and benefit from the safety, fuel economy and performance advancements found on newer Range Rover Evoque models.

Range Rover Evoque Lease are specialists in vehicle leasing for businesses. There are numerous financial and operating benefits to be gained by companies that choose to lease or contract hire a Range Rover Evoque:

Range Rover Evoque VAT

Range Rover Evoque Lease

Typically, 50% of a business’ Range Rover Evoque VAT payments can be reclaimed on leased or contracted vehicles. This rises to the full 100% if the Range Rover Evoque is used exclusively for business purposes. In addition, if the lease contract includes the provision of maintenance, then 100% of the VAT on that element of the contract can be reclaimed.

Range Rover Evoque Rental Payments

Rental payments of a business Range Rover Evoque lease can be reclaimed as a company expense. This applies to all leased vehicles where the CO2 emission levels are less than 130gm/km. If the CO2 emission levels exceed this figure, 85% of the Range Rover Evoque rental payments can be reclaimed as a business expense. This makes the more environmentally friendly Range Rover Evoque, a more financially attractive option.

Enhanced Cash Flow Management

Business Leasing deals help organisations with their cash flow management since existing lines of credit remain untouched. Vehicle leasing companies will provide independent funding of the vehicles chosen, through their own funding provider. Range Rover Evoque Rental payments are met from regular cash generated by the business and can be accurately predicted from month to month through cash flow forecasts. Consequently, costs are likely to be much lower than would be the case if the vehicles were bought either outright by the business, or self financed through business loans. This leaves businesses able to invest their working capital into their core business activities which should yield a greater return on investment.

Improved Return on Investment

Range Rover Evoque Lease

Business Lease & Contract Range Rover Evoque vehicles are not included as assets of the business. Thus, the balance sheet will be enhanced by an immediate improvement on Rate of Return as a result of the asset value of the balance sheet being reduced.

Reduced Administration

Range Rover will, to a high degree, take over the day to day administration of the business fleet. This will include management of your Range Rover Evoque service and maintenance, annual Road Fund Licence replacement, purchase and subsequent disposal of fleet vehicles and much more.

At Range Rover, we offer businesses the best possible advice when choosing the right Range Rover Evoque leasing contract. This, coupled with low deposits & low monthly payments, make Range Rover the ideal business vehicle leasing partner. For more information or a quote, please contact us today or call 01392 474 394.


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